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I awoke to find myself staring at my cabin rooms ceiling. I attempted to pull myself up and out of bed but my arms gave way before I had even made it an inch from the bed. Breathing heavily, I turned my thoughts to what had happened during our time trapped in the Netherworld.

Jake and I had become closer than I had ever thought possible, I had even gone into advanced mode through the manipulation of my feelings. I loved him and there was no changing that fact or turning back. At that moment I would have blushed but I was too exhausted to do anything. I needed water if I was to survive.

"Water." I managed to croak, only vaguely remembering the taste of the cool liquid flowing down my throat.

"Ohh," Gwen's voice rang clear with forced sweetness. "I see the returning traitor has returned."

"Please," I begged. "Water."

"Haa," Gwen threw her head back in mocking laughter. "You think I'm going to give you some water after the stunt you pulled?!"

"What…?" I tried.

"You kept saying that there was more to you but at the moment of danger you run away and you even come back with Jake who is, right now, in the hospital wing due to severe injuries." Gwen shouted. "You caused trouble for the Academy and Jake himself. You don't deserve anything from me or anyone else for that matter."

I looked down and held my hand close to my heart. Each of Gwen's words stabbed my in the heart like a knife; I had saved him and yet it hadn't been enough to protect him.

"You are worse than scum!" Gwen whispered in my ear. "Have fun wallowing on your own. No one here cares for you at all."

With that, my door was pulled shut and locked. I lay there on my bed crying; how had I let it come to this? How could I have failed so badly and fallen so far?

The next few days I was left alone. I managed to catch snippets of conversation from the girls but nothing of relevance. That was, until I heard about Jake.

"I heard he'll be strong enough to attend the ball." Talia said. "Oh, I can't wait for it. Maybe I'll get to tell Axel how much I like him?"

"You dimwit!" Gwen said. "Do you expect someone like him to accept a mere confession?! No, you need to grab him and attack him with all your sexual strength."

"Is that the tactic you use?" Maria asked.

"Yes," Gwen replied proudly. "And it works every time. Therefore, with such a high success rate, I intend to use it on Jake tonight."

My eyes opened widely in shock and panic; she couldn't. He didn't belong to her.

"But then, he doesn't belong to you either." I told myself.

"What about HER?" Amalthea said, referring to me. "I mean, Jake has been asking about her and that can't be good. What if they have something between each other?!"

My door opened suddenly and I was met with the stony face of Gwen.

"Water." I whispered.

"You still want to keep pretending?" Gwen said vehemently. "You are fine and I can assure you that I will not wait on you hand a foot. Therefore, for your insolence of the superior female of this group, you shall be locked in here until you finally admit to your lies."

I remained silent, as I had nothing to admit to. I had never lied and I really did need water.

"Very well then," Gwen said turning to leave. "But don't say I didn't warn you. You know, I might just tell Jake that you didn't want to come. I'll make you out to be the worst person around and there'll be nothing you can do to stop me. I'll ensure that Jake hates you, to your very core; just the same as I do."

My door was slammed shut.

I tried shouting and screaming; trying to get Gwen to stop but my throat was so dry I could barely breathe. Still, I pulled myself to the edge of my bed and fell to the floor. I then dragged myself to the door and tried banging on the door but no one heard me. No matter how hard I threw my fist at the wood, breaking the skin of my knuckles, no one came running.

"Well, what did you expect?" I asked myself. "You are nothing in the eyes of every one who passes you and even if Jake did care, he would soon think I was the worst person on Hameletia. Gwen, you're the worst."

I then passed out on the floor, the word 'sorry' written in my own blood on the floor next to me.

In my dreams I thought I could hear the sound of Jakes voice, calling my name, however the scene in front of me held my attention more. My mother and father were standing side by side, my brother standing just in front of them.

"What's going on?" I asked. "Where am I?"

"You are at the point between the two worlds of the living and the dead." My father replied.

"We all belong here, however, you do not." My mother said.

My brother came and held me close. "You need to go back." He said. "We'll see you again, just not now."

With a kiss on the forehead, I could feel myself slip into a black void with only voices to comfort me.
The Earth is dead, and life has moved on in more ways than one; there are those who live their lives without much worry but then there are those who have been gifted.
With the recent acceptance to live among those who have been recognised as heroes, can Namira prove her worth or will she be forced into submission by those who surround her.

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